Home Improvements

Many people when carrying out home improvements, such as adding extensions, double-glazing, conservatories etc., or when removing internal walls or partitions are unaware that they may be affecting the safety or efficiency of their heating installation. If you require advice before embarking on major alterations, or if you are going to change the use of a living room into a bedroom, then you may require the advice of a professional. Contact your fuel supplier for a list of qualified personnel.

Natural Gas

If you are digging in the garden, remember that the gas service pipe to your house generally (though not always) runs in a straight line from the meter box to the street. Care should be taken when digging to avoid snagging this pipeline. If you damage your service pipeline in any way contact the 24 Hour Emergency Line 1850 20 50 50.

Produced in the interest of safety by:
Registered Gas Installers
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